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Spirit of the Forest - Handmade linocut print

40 EUR / In stock.

Original hand-printed linocut. It features 7 colors layers printed on a beautiful and thin Japanese paper "washi".
Size : Image (14,8x20,8 cm) - Paper (17,9x25,7 cm)
Signed and numbered original print, from a limited series of 200 handmade prints.

In the woods, we often meet Jizô, a small stone figure hidden behind the trees. Sometimes alone, sometimes in a group. Occassionally naked, often wearing decorated fabrics. The villagers take care of him: Jizô is the guardian of children.

This print was made using a baren – a traditional Japanese tool – and 5 hand-carved linoleum plates.
Every print is unique, with its own subtle variations.
The frame is not included.